The Sheep Dog And The Wolf Chat Again

Back in 2011, I wrote a piece called The Sheep Dog And The Wolf Go For Coffee. It is about old rivals crossing paths a few decades and miles from where they once tormented each other. You might want to read that one before you go on to this post.

Yesterday, the old men met again. The Wolf is still with us. Though his body is starting to fail, his spirit has grown healthier.

The Wolf was outside the coffee shop when I drove up. He’d been kind of scarce. The word was that he’d been hospitalized.

Gray wolf. Fran├žais : Loup. Nederlands: Wolf T...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The old wolf started roaming the neighborhood again a few weeks ago. I’d see him now and again, pushing the walker he’d been using about a year. I wanted to check on him, but I kept to my practice of not stopping to engage him. I’d stopped to engage him quite a bit in our past and I know he’s still wary when a police car pulls up near him.

There he was, sitting in the sun on his walker. He was talking to a young woman and her child. Their innocence made me smile. They had no idea who The Wolf was. He spoke gently with them; they laughed, accepted his blessing and moved on. While I held the door for the mom and her son, The Wolf called out to me.

“Happy New Year, Sarge. Nice day, ain’t it?” I took that as my sign it was OK to go over to him. “Happy New Year to you, I’m glad to see you out again” I said. “Heard you haven’t been feeling good.”

He told me he was better now. The stents they’d put in his heart were good and the stroke “…ain’t gonna kill me if that dope never did.” Read the rest of this entry »