Wordless Wednesday – The Towers

Hey Costco

Hey Costco, we’re buds, right? We can talk when we’ve gotta talk.

English: A pack of blueberries from a organic ...

You wouldn’t sell me this weeny thing of blueberries. I respect that, man. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I mean, it doesn’t get all weird when I’m in your store, see a giant tub of blueberries for six bucks and say “dude, I love you man. Thanks for all the blueberries.” No, it’s all good.

I fell by your place yesterday to pick up a few things I needed – some vegetables, some fruit. Socks. Yeah, needed socks too. I could have gotten some tires, a shirt and a whole bunch of chicken, but I didn’t this time.

To get to the “need to have” section, I had to go through the “nice to have” section. I passed, once again, on that really huge TV. I also didn’t get a beach cart, camera, watch or several other things. Those baseball tickets you had were tempting. I haven’t seen a Braves game in a long time.

But here’s what I want to talk to you about. And I know I can tell you about this without you getting all belligerent with me. We’re Bros. We say what we have to say. Read the rest of this entry »

Your Family Car Sticker Could Send The Wrong Message

Odds are, more than one of you have those cartoony family stickers on the back window of your car. I’m not sure how they became the trendy thing to have, but I wish the trend would pass.

I understand that people love their sons and daughters. I love mine, but I don’t know that putting a line drawing of him on my car is the best way to express it. In fact, I think sometimes expressing parental love by way of a sticker on a car can go wrong. Let’s look at an example. Read the rest of this entry »

A Monologue, By That Thing In The Parking Lot

Our narrator, in the rain, in the parking lot, just before he began to speak. (copyright, me)

Back then, I was really something. I had purpose. Nothing moved without my say so. It looks like that time has passed. Here I am now, sitting in some parking lot, in the rain.

I made things work. I got things done. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m smart enough to know I didn’t do it all. On my own, I was just something. But when I was part of something I’d keep the others in line and help them do their jobs. They did so much. We worked together, we were like a machine, we were a team. Read the rest of this entry »

The Jolie Pez Project – Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

The Jolie slipped across the border into Canada and was given sanctuary in Saint John, New Brunswick by Wendy who writes the blog Herding Cats In Hammond River. It wasn’t long until The Jolie was wrapped up in some scandalous behavior with…well…I’ll let you see for yourself.

I could hear The Jolie yelling as we pulled up to the community mailbox where Jim and I pick up our mail…it had been a couple of days since we’d checked it because of a snowstorm.  I decided to leave her in the box until she calmed down a little…I could see that Oma had spared no expense in sending The Jolie to Canada!

Bad things come in small packages!

I showed The Jolie to her room to rest from her ordeal.  She wasted no time in soliciting sympathy from whoever she could find…this is how I found her a half hour later when I came to make sure she had everything she needed: Read the rest of this entry »

The Jolie Pez Project: Maryland and Panama City, FL

The Jolie’s latest visit was in Maryland and Florida with Thoughts Appear. This was a historic visit because it marked the first time anyone has risked air travel with the Jolie. Those who have met The Jolie know what a daring move that was. Imagine what could go wrong moving The Jolie through an airport checkpoint. Given the risk, I am surprised that this post did not end up coming to me from a prison email account.

Overall I had a wonderful time with The Jolie…once we established that I was the boss and Alpha Female. I discovered that The Jolie just needed a firm hand and a lot of discipline. Just one day after receiving The Jolie, I left Maryland to travel to Panama City Beach, Florida. She wasn’t too keen on being packed up again so soon, but she handled it pretty well.

The Jolie insisted on having her picture taken with the beautiful Gulf water behind her. I wasn’t too excited about her standing on the 6th floor balcony railing. I know she’s Lara Croft and would have some way to save herself, but I didn’t like the unnecessary risk.

Whenever The Jolie got lippy, I shoved her in my pocket – head first so she couldn’t enjoy the lovely beach scenery.

Whenever The Jolie gave me attitude, I punished her…by making her dig a hole to China. Read the rest of this entry »

A completely juvenile post.

This is completely childish. I don’t care. I am proudly capable of being that way at any given moment. Welcome to one of those moments.  

I took this photo during a trip to the Detroit area a few years ago: Read the rest of this entry »