Say Hey To The Quaker Oats Man

A 2400 dpi scan of okra, Abelmoschus esculentus.

If it doesn't have this, it isn't gumbo (Image via Wikipedia)


The weather is finally cooling. Last night seemed a good time to make a batch of gumbo. I didn’t have one of the critical ingredients. Gumbo without okra just isn’t gumbo, so off to the store I went.  

So begins this tale of woe. Read the rest of this entry »

Mayor McCheese – The Greatest Politician, Ever.

I took an extra day off recently. I spent the day running a few errands. This gave me a chance to grab some lunch with the Omawari-son.

While we were picking at some fried okra and waiting for our barbecue, we were talking about some sort of foolishness that led to me mentioning Mayor McCheese. My son laughed and we batted the name back and forth, then he started talking about what Mayor McCheese might be made of. He described some sort of grilled cheese sandwich with feet. Read the rest of this entry »