Looking Forward To Boxing Day By Looking Back

English: Portrait photograph of United States ...

Grover Cleveland. Who do you think ate the pudding?


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Hail Punchicus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No new post today on Blurt.

As I was finishing my shopping today, I was thinking ahead to that most neglected of holidays – Boxing Day.

A few years ago I told you what no one else ever has about Boxing Day, including outing the political corruption of President Grover Cleveland, the man who destroyed that wonderful day’s status as a holiday.

I contend that there is no “war on Christmas”, but there was a war on Boxing Day. Boxing Day, and the rest of us, lost. The proof is in the pudding, which is a stupid place to keep proof.

Take a look back at my Boxing Day post. There is still time to plan your Boxing Day celebration!

Merry Christmas! Hail Punchicus!