Looking Forward To Boxing Day By Looking Back

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Grover Cleveland. Who do you think ate the pudding?


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Hail Punchicus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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As I was finishing my shopping today, I was thinking ahead to that most neglected of holidays – Boxing Day.

A few years ago I told you what no one else ever has about Boxing Day, including outing the political corruption of President Grover Cleveland, the man who destroyed that wonderful day’s status as a holiday.

I contend that there is no “war on Christmas”, but there was a war on Boxing Day. Boxing Day, and the rest of us, lost. The proof is in the pudding, which is a stupid place to keep proof.

Take a look back at my Boxing Day post. There is still time to plan your Boxing Day celebration!

Merry Christmas! Hail Punchicus!


Boxing Day – How And Why You Should Celebrate It

December 26 marks the most under celebrated holiday in the United States. We all know that Americans are not averse to celebrating holidays, so why is it that so few of us celebrate Boxing Day?

The answer lies in two related concepts – ignorance and corporate sponsorship.

I know, same thing, right? Let’s continue.

Sponsored Ignorance

calendar, December 2010

Circle it on your calendar. Your calendar, not this one (Image by hichako via Flickr)

I was a boy when I first saw Boxing Day noted on the calendar. I spoke to my parents about my discovery but neither could answer my question. This was disappointing. I thought my parents knew everything.

Decades later, I have come to understand that my parents do know everything, except about Boxing Day. That exception is because of the conspiracy between the greeting card and sparking wine industries to protect their profits by making Boxing Day a non-factor as a holiday. Read the rest of this entry »