A Lesson In Panhandling And Communication

I had a friend who pointed out that things happen to and around me that do not happen to other people. Had is a deceptive word. It isn’t as if she died, she just works somewhere else now.

When she’d bring the subject up, I’d deny it. We’d argue. Arguing my position was tough because she had a list of things that made her undeniably correct. Usually I’d just claim victory and leave before she got to the end of the list. Getting away before she completed her list wasn’t hard, the list was pretty long.

My friend is right. I am no longer denying it. I’ll admit it to her if I see her again.

Here is what happened to move me to the other side.

So There I Was, Minding My Own…

Large image of an ATM Photographed inside a Gi...

There was an ATM in there. I wasn’t planning to use it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A panhandler approached me as I was about to cross the street. “Excuse me” she said. I turned to see who’d said it. I wished I hadn’t, but I couldn’t just ignore an “excuse me”. The woman who was there provided a quick tale of woe, then began her closing with “could you spare…”.

Even though the internet is miraculous, I can’t see you as you read this. But I know that you’re probably saying “that’s not anything special, it happens to me all the time”. No, it doesn’t. Read the rest of this entry »