Five Routine Minutes: A Texting Problem

Last week, I found myself on the horns of a texting dilemma. I didn’t even know text messaging had horns.

It all started when my employer issued me a new cell phone.

Sadly, they did not arrange to transfer all my stored numbers to the new phone. I’ve remedied that gradually by storing numbers as my co-workers call me. This gradual method is the cause of my problem.

After work, I got a text message from a person who works for me. I know that much because of the way they addressed me. This person wanted me to know that they’d had a death in their family. The message told me how sad their family was at the loss and that they’d just learned of the passing of their loved one.

I felt terrible for them.

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How To Call In Sick, From The Guy Who Answers The Phone.

Photograph of Women Working at a Bell System T...

Call now, operators are standing by (Image by The U.S. National Archives via Flickr)

I have been supervising people since the early ’90′s. Part of being a supervisor entails being the person people call in sick to. Over the years I have dealt with people who were very good at the art of calling in for a sick day. I have also dealt with complete hacks.

Today I am going to review a few important points I’ve developed from my years of picking up the phone and taking those “I’m afraid I can’t make it in” calls. By following these few simple tips, you’ll keep yourself in the boss’s good graces.


When you call in sick is as important as the reason you do it. Calling in sick moments before you’re due at the office doesn’t tell the boss you’re sick, it sends the message that you woke up late. Read the rest of this entry »


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