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Boxing Day – How And Why You Should Celebrate It

December 26 marks the most under celebrated holiday in the United States. We all know that Americans are not averse to celebrating holidays, so why is it that so few of us celebrate Boxing Day?

The answer lies in two related concepts – ignorance and corporate sponsorship.

Sponsored Ignorance

calendar, December 2010

Circle it on your calendar. Your calendar, not this one (Image by hichako via Flickr)

I was a boy when I first saw Boxing Day noted on the calendar. I questioned my parents about my discovery but neither could give me any answers. This caused me much stress. I thought my parents knew everything.

Decades later, I have come to understand that my parents do know everything, except about Boxing Day. That exception is because of the conspiracy between the greeting card and sparking wine industries to protect their profits by making Boxing Day a non factor as a holiday. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hello, my name is Art. I’ll be your axe murderer today.

What is that behind your back? Nothing.

About two years ago, I went up to Virginia to attend an annual weekend party with friends.  The first few times I went to this event I drove up, but I soon realized that an easy 6 hour drive up was a lousy 9 hour drive back when I factored in a weekend of fun and the need for more rest stop naps.

Now I’ve got my routine down. Fly in. Rent the car. Check in. Buy things I need for the party. Wait for my partners in crime. Begin.

A new wrinkle

This year, I added the step of talking to an axe murderer. Why not? I had the time. Read the rest of this entry »

The art and joy of the drunk dial.

I’m on vacation, but I’m putting up some old writings from a previous incarnation of my blog while I’m gone. I’ll be back on Saturday.

I have become a fan of the postcard of our modern world, the drunk dial.

A few years ago, we could all let someone know we wished they were with us

Its almost like being there, except youre not, and youre probably asleep.

It's almost like being there, except you're not, and you're probably asleep.

with a postcard that typically arrived the day we got back from where ever we wanted them to be. Now, for a few minutes they can be there, right when you think of them.

Its nice to be thought of when people are having a good time isn’t it? They look around…or lets face it because many of us have done it, we look around…and think “this is great, but I wish (insert name here) was here, that would make it even better.” Moments later Mr. or Ms. (insert name here’s) phone is ringing Read the rest of this entry »


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