Let’s Talk About Poop

You know, back in the day, people walked their dogs just as they do now. Also, back in the day, saying “back in the day” wasn’t an idiom. I’m not here to talk about idioms. I’m here to talk about poop.

Not just any poop, your dog’s poop. Yes your dog’s. No, not everyone’s dog’s poop, just your dog’s. Read the rest of this entry »

Blogsitting: Like Dogsitting, But Without the Drool

Guest post week starts with some words from fellow University of Maryland grad,  Hippie Cahier. Even though she knows what a Cahier is, she has elected to write this entire post in English. I appreciate that gesture because I am strictly monolingual. Let’s see what she’s parlez voused for us, then go visit her blog.

Thanks so much, Hipster!

It goes without saying that it is my great honor and privilege, indeed the highlight of my blogging experience thus far, to have the opportunity to blogsit today while Omawarisan is off doing other things. I said it anyway.

Why? Because I say things. It’s just who I am.

You may be a little nervous wondering how I could possibly pull this off. What are your blogsitting credentials, you might ask. I’ll do my best to overlook the fact that your question is not properly punctuated.

You’re so right. I have no idea what I’m doing.

For the duration of this guest post, lions and tigers and bears are the least of their problems. (Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, via Examiner.com)

What if I flip the wrong switch or push the wrong button and before you know it, I’ve nuked Kansas? This could be bad.

I have no beef with Kansas. It seems like a fine place. Dorothy liked it. And her little dog, too.

While it’s important, especially in terms of sunflower production, the well-being of the fine people of Kansas isn’t my greatest concern. Read the rest of this entry »

Live Nude Dogs

Dogs. They know how to do so much without our help. If only they could tell you how much they hate that outfit you bought.

My friends, it is time to announce a new policy that will be implemented by my administration.

The policy is simply this – dogs should not wear clothes. Ever. I will call this the Live Nude Dogs Law. Why? Because as best I can tell from signs in the admittedly unpleasant part of town I work in, the words live and nude always go together. Read the rest of this entry »


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