I’m Sick Of Frozen

You know what? Enough is enough. Though I have not seen (and will not ever see) the movie Frozen, I am officially sick of it.

As best I can tell from the blizzard of crap for sale in stores, the movie has three characters. There is a blonde girl who smirks a lot, a red-haired girl who seems secondary to the blonde girl and a snow man who looks like a demented pile of soft-serve ice cream. They live somewhere cold, because, well, Frozen, right? Of course it is frozen; soft-serve ice cream can’t just walk around on a magical island near the equator, can it? Read the rest of this entry »

Three Years Later

This doesn’t mark three years ago that my friend died, the number is now four. I tried writing something new about him but the words didn’t come this year. Sometimes it goes like that. This is a reprint of last year’s piece on this date.

Humor returns to the blog tomorrow.

Today, as every day, I miss Fred.


Three years ago today was a Friday. I’d slipped out-of-town for an over-night visit with my son at college. By the time I arrived, Fred had passed away back home.

Despite a heroic effort to contact me, I didn’t know we’d lost him until I read the news the next morning. I remember staring a lot that day. There were other things, but mostly there was staring.

That Saturday night, back home, I was still staring. I published what I felt that night, and then went to work at 4:30 a.m. Sunday, on no sleep, for my first shift without him. I wasn’t the only one sleepless and staring.

The staring returned this morning. I’m angry about the accident that cost his life months before he was to retire. I’m hurt for his family as they move on without him. I’m disappointed that I can’t call him to laugh about some of the stories we lived through and compare notes on how much being retired from The Job doesn’t suck.

But I’m also happy to have had the privilege to enjoy time with Fred. That’s the direction I hope the staring takes me today.

Things are better than they were three years ago. A lot of water has gone under the bridge. I’m stronger, healthier and smarter. I’ve even learned lessons because Freddy had to leave; I’d rather have stayed ignorant of those.

It is quiet today. I’ll take time to think about the stuff we saw and did. And about pulling each others bacon out of the fire on several occasions. And finding each other on SWAT calls and saying “I’ll see you when this is over”.

Life goes on, brother. It is good.

I’ll see you when this is over, but it’s gonna be a while.

Fortes Fortuna Juvat.

I Predict The Winners Of The 2015 Academy Awards

When my friends think about glitz and Hollywood, they think about me.

Because of that, they’ll be excited to learn that I am giving all the little people the benefit of my knowledge of film, acting and the stars. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after you read this, you’ll know exactly who will win the Oscars and can spend your evening doing something productive. You’re welcome.

…and the Oscar goes to… (image by toughpigs via muppetwikia)

Let’s get started, shall we?

Oh, by the way, I haven’t seen any of these flicks. No, not even one. Read the rest of this entry »

A Discussion Of Chinese Breakfast Food

Yesterday morning, while I was in the refrigerator trying to spot what I was going to have for breakfast, my eyes fell upon some leftover Chinese food.

I’d guess that some of you don’t like the idea of eating Chinese food for breakfast. But I’d point out to you that pancake suppers are a common fundraiser and a fun change of pace for a lot of families. And who among us hasn’t had cold pizza to start their day?

Wonton soup. It’s what’s for breakfast. ( image by AlejandroLinaresGarcia CCbySA3.0)

So I enjoyed half of a large order of wonton soup and a few pan-fried dumplings for breakfast. They were absolutely delicious. If you haven’t had Chinese food in the morning, you are missing out on a treat. Read the rest of this entry »

You are not the boss of me.


OK, by now, you’ve noticed that I haven’t written new stuff for you this week. Unfortunately, we’ve had a death in the family and that’s taking up my time and energy.
I shall return very soon.
Today I’m pointing you back at something I wrote in 2010 about one of my favorite bands, NRBQ, and one of my least favorite people. I like it because I can read it and see where I’ve improved as a writer. I also like that I am just as ridiculously immature as the day I wrote it.

Originally posted on Blurt:

No way

Getting along with people is something I am good at. There are not many people who I write off as someone I can’t find any value in knowing. Still, those people exist, and my reaction to one of them has left me questioning my maturity level.

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The Italian Cruise Ship Disaster: The One Fact No One Else Is Giving You.


Today, cruise ship captain Francesco Schettino was sentenced to sixteen years in prison for his role in the Costa Concordia disaster.
Never one to miss a potential writing prompt, I dashed this off around the time of the ship’s sinking. Sort of sinking. More of a tipping over, really.

Originally posted on Blurt:

English: Costa Concordia Polski: Statek pasaże...

I am an inquisitive person. I see things. I think about them. I ask questions. Things like the Costa Concordia disaster in Italy raise questions in my mind, and I am certain they do in yours.

  • How does a modern ship like that get off course?
  • Why would you wait to tell the passengers things aren’t going well?
  • I always heard the captain goes down with his ship. Why was Captain Francesco Schettino on one of the first lifeboats?
  • Do the rocks the ship hit feel a little guilty, even though this wasn’t their fault?

There are any number of websites you can visit for answers to those and other questions. There are even transcripts of the radio conversation between Captain Schettino (safe in his lifeboat) and the Italian Coast Guard as the captain sailed away from his sinking ship and its frightened passengers.

But you don’t come here for…

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Goal Setting And The Food Network

I am a simple man. That isn’t meant to say that I’m not bright; I maintain an extensive list of people who are willing to say that about me. Please get in touch if you are interested becoming part of the list.

The point of the simple man statement is to say that it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I don’t want fancy things. I live in jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps and tennis shoes. My beloved Miata is fifteen years old. I’m quiet. If I’ve got music playing, something to write about and an English muffin with peanut butter, I’m content.

Simple, Not Dead

Chipmunk. It’s what’s for dinner. (image public domain)

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have goals. Even a simple guy like me needs direction, something he is shooting for. I have that.

Despite my thing for English muffins with peanut butter, I love good food. I enjoy cooking, learning recipes and cooking techniques. I will binge watch cooking shows with the idea that somehow I will learn something from watching a trained chef create something out of ingredients that I never knew existed or that repulse me.

And while I occasionally pick up an idea from watching an Iron Chef whip up a couple of plates of chipmunk filet accompanied by hazelnut smoked asparagus with a raspberry and fig foam, what I’ve mostly gotten from cooking shows are goals. Read the rest of this entry »


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